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A lush, dreamy, original indie folk trio, Les Ailes began as a collaborative music project from singer/songwriter Rylie DeGarmo, synthesizing her early jazz melodic influences with a folk honesty derived from formative years spent writing songs in the american south. After cowriting and releasing an EP with her musician father in their hometown of Seattle (The Rue, 2015), DeGarmo spent much of her twenties sojourning across the southern united states developing her own writing style characterized by textural rhythm guitar in unique tunings and a clear, distinctive voice that pulls at the heart strings, waxing nostalgic. She independently released a debut full-length record as Les Ailes (Tennessee, 2021), following up with two EPs (But I Love You, 2022 and how to greet a praying mantis, 2024) on the way to an anticipated sophomore LP which is currently underway with a newly minted live band out of Portland, OR featuring the talents of guitarist Timothy Kontoff and drummer Liam Patton. 

how to greet a praying mantis
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"'Loaded with the kind of liquid chord changes that make all distractions turn to dust, Portland based artist Les Ailes (Rylie DeGarmo) creates subtle jazz-infused folk soundscapes in which less is always more, and where every melodic twist and turn hits with devastating clarity."


"DeGarmo’s vocals often register as detached but yearning; always front and center spinning a tale of something unrequited and unfulfilled...the record is highly effective at reaching down and really stirring an emotional response of longing."

We Own This Town, Nashville, TN

"Rylie DeGarmo may still be something of a new name on the scene, but with Tennessee she proves herself to be an accomplished and confident songwriter. Combined with superb production by Mike McCarthy and mastered by Heba Kadry, Les Ailes is a force to be reckoned with. A cool, chilled, and thoroughly dreamy listen."

Folk Radio, UK

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